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    Tiger Stuffed Animal Plush Toy Custom Plush Tiger

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    Brand: Toyard

    Material: Plush 

    Color: Yllow

    Weight: 200g

    Size:20 cm

    Manufacturer recommended age: 3 years and up

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    Custom plush tiger Story

    Our Tiger Stuffed animal plush Toy for online sellers to sell. They shouldn’t miss this unique good-looking stuffed toy animal! This Custom plush tiger was

    Designed by Toyard because it is super cute and popular with kids and has helped our clients earned huge.

    Every animal comes with its own story! Tiger Stuffed animal plush Toy is one of them. His stunning orange fur is marked with black stripes making him one of

    The most beautiful looking of the wild cats. These soft, cuddly Custom plush tiger bring comfort and joy to everyone who owns one. Our plushy Tiger Stuffed

    Animal plush Toy are fully stuffed, with high-quality fabrics, so they won't tear or shed. We can help you customized your own cute teddy bear, just get in touch

    And make a lovely toy for your loved ones. 

     Tiger Stuffed animal plush Toy Features

    • This Custom plush tiger is securely sewn from the highest quality polyester and acrylic fabrics and filled with white polypropylene plush filling, exclusively all

    New material.

    • Realistically detailed stripes line the tiger’s fur. The face features airbrushed details around the ears, eyes, and muzzle for a realistic and kid-friendly


    • Recommended for ages 3+ | Phthalates, lead, BPA, and heavy metal free!

    • The stuffing is slightly floppy, making it ideal for cuddles and hugs. Our Tiger Stuffed animal plush Toy range in size from 11 cm to 30 cm tall, making them

    Ideal for cuddling and hugging.

    Tiger Stuffed animal plush Toy usage scenarios

    • Soft and cuddly Custom plush tiger are great for hugging and snuggling, resting on, and bringing smiles and comfort.

    • Perfect Gift: our soft toy is a great gift for kids’ birthday, children's day, Christmas, New Year, parties, supplies, Valentine's Day, Home decoration, theme

    Parties and holiday celebrating. Soft and cuddly, ensure safe use for your child.

    • A heartwarming gift suitable for all ages.

    • Unlike many other plush toys, our stuffed animal toys are sewn with triple stitches to make her more durable for your child to play with every day.

    • Washable: This is Machine/Hand Washable. And do not forget to dry it fully under the sun frequently which helps keep the plush toy soft

    Custom plush tiger age description

    This adorable animal soft toy has probably already blown your mind away! The high-quality fur and soft fabric stuffing make these lovely animal soft toys

    Absolutely huggable. The unique designs and colors are chosen in such a way that not just kids, but adults would also be amazed! Our Ultra-soft Tiger Stuffed

    Animal plush Toy is made using quality plush-perfect bed buddies, travel companions & secret keepers. Forget gifts that don’t last like flowers or candy, buy

    Your special someone something that'll make them feel loved and cared for.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    What OEM service can your company provide?

    1. Tiger Stuffed animal plush Toy Design

    -We are happy to help you to make the design according to your idea. To your idea into a Custom plush tiger! We can also customize any toys that follow your


    2. Custom plush tiger Material

    -Tiger Stuffed animal plush Toy have many different materials, such as fabric, filling, long plush and short plush, etc., we can custom toys follow your required

    Material to make.

    3. Tiger Stuffed animal plush Toy & Embroidery

    -Toyard can custom print on Custom plush tiger and embroidery on Tiger Stuffed animal plush Toy, such as print on toys cloth, print on fabric, knitting on

    Fabric, or embroidery on Custom plush tiger.

    4. Custom plush tiger Clothes

    -Many Custom plush tiger need clothes, and we are happy to customize the clothes. Please send us the clothes details and we will move forward and make


    5. Tiger Stuffed animal plush Toy Label

    -Most Custom plush tiger have labels on them, which may include your brand and notice, the country of origin, and whether it can be washable. We are happy

    To help you make the amazing label.

    6. Custom plush tiger Packaging

    -When Tiger Stuffed animal plush Toy are finished production, you will need packaging for them. We also supply custom packaging, you can choose to use a

    Bag, box, or any other special packaging.

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